Thank you to those who have supported our effort during these trying times.  If we all work together, we can get through this... but we all need to make the effort.  We ask that all of our Farmer's Market customers practice safe social distancing, and that all should approach our booth wearing adequate face covering (as we do), for mutual safety.  We are currently doing our best to try to sanitize items to be handled by us, so please allow a little extra time for this process.  Please bring your items in a box, labelled with your first name, last initial, the quantity of items, and a mobile number so we can text you, if needed.

For those that are apprehensive or nervous about shopping at Farmer's Markets, we recommend calling us for our house call (mobile) service, with a minimum order of $80.  There is no additional up-charge for this service, and we do not enter your home, all exchanges are done on your front porch... at a safe distance.  All work is done on the street, from our mobile shop vehicle.

We now take PayPal, with (no-contact) payment using a QR code, which can be read directly by your smartphone using your current (updated May 2020) PayPal app.
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