House Call?
Simple... just give us a call at, and be able to meet our $80 minimum mobile service charge, and are located within our service zone (peninsula between Burlingame and Saratoga).

What we will need...

- Good weather... we do not sharpen in the rain, high winds, lightning, etc.

- A flat, level parking area for our truck, approximately 10' x 30', that we can safely park. We work out of the back of our vehicle, where it is parked.

- If a condo, apartment, or business complex, we will also need the property managers       
  permission to be on the property.

- Items to be sharpened in a box, tray, knife block or bag, labelled with a mobile number for  texting.        Multiple customers are OK, if items separated and clearly labelled, and the work is done at only one address.

- Approximately 1 hour to do the sharpening work for a minimum order,  however, more items may take longer depending on the quantity and complexity of the work.

- Payment upon completion by cash, check, or PayPal.
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