House Call?
Simple... just give us a call to schedule, and be able to meet our $80 minimum mobile service charge, and be located within our service zone (peninsula between Burlingame and Saratoga).

Here's what you will need to do...

- Check our pricing (see, "PRICING") to see if you can meet the minimum charge.

- Provide a safe, legal parking spot, where we can park our mobile service van.  We do the work inside of our self contained vehicle, but we need vertical clearance, our van is about 10' tall.

- If a condo, apartment, or business complex, you will need the property managers       
  permission for us to be on the property.

- Items to be sharpened in should be in a box, tray, knife block, big towel or bag, labelled with a mobile number for calling or texting.   Multiple customers are OK, with each group of items separated and clearly labelled, and all the work is done and left at only one address.

- Typically, allow approximately 20-30 minutes to do the sharpening for a minimum order,  however, more items and/or repairs may take longer depending on the quantity and complexity of the work. We will ask you for an item quantity estimate (for time planning), when you call to book an appointment.

- You (the person ordering/paying for the work) must be present and available at the location of the service call... no exceptions. You will be contacted immediately when the work is done. After a 10 minute wait (grace period), you will be charged for any additional waiting time we spend, due to our tight scheduling.

- Provide payment upon completion by cash, check, or PayPal (now available contact-free w/app), immediately when the work is completed. We do not accept delayed payment, we do not bill.

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