Knives, $1 per blade inch ($6 minimum, per knife)
Steak knife sets, special pricing, per quote
Japanese (single bevel) knives - per quote
Cleavers, up to 6" edge - $7.00
Cleavers, over 6" edge - $8.00
Serrated knives, up to 9" edge - $11.00
mini Serrated knives <9" edge - $8.00
XL Serrated bread knives, over 9" edge - $13.00

Household scissors up to 4" edge - $8.00
Any household scissors over 4" edge - per quote
pinking shears - per quote
Salon (hair) Shears - $16.00 - $26.00, or per quote.

Bypass/garden shears - $9.00
Loppers (simple, hand held) - $11.00
Loppers (compound action, or pole) - $13.00
Hedge trimmers - $11.00
Axes - $11.00 per edge
Sorry, no power tools...

Funky stuff (pizza cutters, blender blades, machetes, etc.) - per quote

Knife & cleaver repairs: broken tip repair, bent tip repair, regrinding a wavy edge, nick removal, spine regrinding are extra cost services... done per quote.

Scissor repairs: tip repair, extensive regrind, reset, are extra services.
Pricing does not include replacement parts, if needed.

All sharpening is meticulously done, removing the least amount of metal possible.  We do not rush through the work, we take whatever time needed to do the best job.  Quality takes time.
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