We plan to be sharpening at these locations, on these days... unless it is raining!

Sat Dec 15th, Sunnyvale Farmer's Market, 9 - 1pm

Sun Dec 16th,Burlingame Fresh Market, 9 - 1:30pm
cancelled due to rain, sorry.

Sat Jan 5th, Sunnyvale Farmer's Market, 9 - 1pm

Sun Jan 6th, Menlo Park Farmer's Market, 9 - 1pm

Mon Jan 7th, Menlo Park Trader Joe's, 8:30 - noon

Sat Jan 12th, Saratoga Farmer's Market, 8:30 - 1:00

Sun Jan 13th, San Carlos Farmer's Market, 10 - 2pm

San Jan 19th, Sunnyvale Farmer's Market, 9 - 1pm

Sun Jan 20th, Burlingame Fresh Market, 9 - 1:30pm

Sat Jan 26th, Saratoga Farmer's Market, 8:30  - 1pm

Sat Feb 2nd, Sunnyvale Farmer's Market, 9 - 1pm

Sun Feb 3rd, Menlo Park Farmer's Market, 9 - 1pm

Mon Feb 4th, Menlo Park Trader Joe's, 8_30 - noon



At Finest-Edge we offer the finest mobile Bay Area sharpening service.  We utilize cutting edge technology combined with old world craftsmanship to hone your edged tools to a "sharper than new" edge... while you wait.  Our amazing results are achieved using the latest precision  sharpening equipment.  Every edge is carefully honed to the correct angle for each specific blade material and intended blade use, there is no universal angle for all knives.  Our edge angles are restored with very precise equipment and special angle guides, much more accurate than freehand grinding.  Our process allows us to remove the least amount of metal from your knives. Each sharpening is custom, and each final edge must meet our definition of "sharp".  We specialize in Japanese and German knives.

We want to thank all of our customers for the overwhelming support and positive response, and for allowing us to share our abilities with you. Unfortunately this popularity has caused a few situations whereby we must turn some farmer's market customers away. We do this with a heavy heart, but at times this cannot be avoided due to farmer's market rules about closing times. To make it fair for all, we only take work on a first come, first served basis... and highly recommend you bring items for sharpening early to any of our farmer's markets rather than later. Work tends to pile up towards the end of a farmer's market. We are very grateful for your understanding and patience!

Because of the unpredictable nature of farmer's market work loads, we now stop taking orders at the markets 30 minutes before the closing time. We do the work in the order received. Also, remember that if you have 10 or more items, we highly recommend calling us to do the work at your location... at no additional cost. 

Keep missing us?  We make convenient "house calls", at no additional charge, within our normal peninsula zones.  If you have at least 10 items (knives, steak knives, scissors, garden tools, etc.) we can come to your location, on an appointment basis. We service the peninsula, between Saratoga & Burlingame, as long as you are less than 10 minutes from highway 101 or highway 280.

Payment for sharpening services can be by cash, check, or PayPal.

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Mailing address: Finest-Edge, PO Box 5154, San Mateo CA  94402-0154

* Rain cancellations are due to the fact that all of our equipment is electric, and any moisture can cause electrical problems. Sorry about this, but it cannot be avoided. Weather happens. Consider having us make a house call (between wet days), at no extra charge!

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